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Members don't need to fulfill any specific requirements, but they must be committed to contributing to the climate movement in a meaningful way. You must be 13 years old or older to become a member.

Below is an overview of the exclusive features GYCD members have access to. For more information about what a GYCD membership includes, see our member's guide on the GYCD homepage.

Members can...

  • Use the Database to network with fellow GYCD members

  • Discuss your ideas with GYCD members in our forum pages

  • Raise awareness in the community about specific environmental issues you care about

  • Connect with journalists, educators, and politicians to have your voice heard

  • Attend events posted by GYCD members

  • Post your own events & gain more attendees

  • Get updates & notifications about the latest news relating to climate change and the environment


Global Youth Climate Database is a network that connects youth leaders in the climate change movement to organize action through communication and mutual support.

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