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Climate Destinations: The Southwest, Pakistan, and Italy

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Photo Credit: Leslie Von Pless via NASA

Fixing damaged equipment in the Permian Basin oilfield could reduce US greenhouse gas production by a substantial amount (NASA Climate)

Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory found that repairing leaking equipment in the Permian Basin oilfield, spanning in parts of New Mexico and Texas, could reduce 5.5% of all methane emissions in the US. Researchers also found that the oilfield was full of “super-emitters," or methane sources that emit more than ten kilograms of methane per hour.

Photo Credit: via International Peatland Society

Repurposing carbon filled peatlands for agriculture in the 1900s may have been a large contributor to global warming (The Washington Post)

Peatlands have been found to store around 30 percent of the world’s soil carbon. The conversion of peatlands to agricultural land halts the peatland’s ability to pull carbon out of the atmosphere while also dispelling stored carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, into the air.

Photo Credit: Earl Neikirk via InsideClimate News

Corporations continue to attack and undermine the importance of scientific research to further their own agenda (InsideClimate News)

Endocrinologist Tyrone Hayes’ discoveries about the harmful effects of the chemical atrazine have long been swept under the rug by its manufacturer, Syngenta. Hayes’ experience with Syngenta and the EPA show us that corporations will often disregard scientific research and evidence to make a profit and continue business as usual.

Photo Credit: via CNN

Pakistan partners with the UN to host World Environment Day 2021 (CNN)

To usher in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), the UN Environmental Programme partnered with Pakistan to host World Environment Day 2021 on June 5th. Recently, the government of Pakistan has been increased its conservation efforts, from implementing a plan for reforestation of mangrove trees and established agreements to place more of the nation’s land under governmental protection.

Read more about Pakistan’s 10 Billion Tree Drive here.

Photo Credit: Robert F. Bukaty via AP Photo

Unnatural warming in the region puts Maine’s unique blueberries at risk (ABC)

Scientists have found that blueberry fields in Maine have experienced high temperatures unlike any other area in the state (over the past 40 years: 1.3 ℃ average increase for the blueberry fields, while the rest of the state experienced only a 1.1 ℃ average increase). Rising temperatures could lead to water, a key resource in blueberry farming, shortages, endangering this speciality northeastern crop. Over recent years, several wild blueberry farms in Maine have already been struggling due to severe droughts and hostile markets. Unfortunately, unless we step up now and call for change, it seems their troubles may have only just begun.

How you can help: See where you can buy Maine wild blueberries and support farmers.

Photo Credit: Spencer Platt via BBC

Study reveals vast extent of climate injustice in US cities (BBC)

Black Americans living in urban areas have been found to experience double the heat stress than white citizens. This difference is not caused by poverty, but rather deeply-entrenched racism and segregationist policies which have driven Black citizens to live in areas with fewer natural green spaces and more manmade infrastructure.

Check it out: Read more about heat stress and its effects here.

Photo Credit: via World Land Trust

Pandemic isolation led to a rise in protecting people’s natural homes (BBC)

People’s time in lockdown has made them learn to appreciate natural landscapes during the pandemic.By planting trees and empowering communities to protect the landscapes they live on, the World Land Trust has helped preserve and rebuild landscapes amidst the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis.

Photo Credit: Christian Minelli via NurPhoto/Rex/Shutterstock

Taking the climate to court: Hundreds of plaintiffs sue Italian government claiming lack of efforts to combat climate change (The Guardian)

203 plaintiffs from Italy are suing the Italian government over climate inaction. Prime Minister Mario Draghi has disappointed many with regards to climate policy after vowing to prioritize environmental concerns after being elected. Although Draghi appointed an ecological transition minister and submitted a recovery plan including environmental goals to the European commission, the plaintiffs feel the goals and policies lack ambition.


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