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New Year's Resolutions for the Clim8 + Yearly Recap 🌎

Happy New Year! As we head into 2022, it's important to keep the planet in mind when setting new goals for yourself and reflecting on the past year. We've suggested 8 New Year's resolutions you can make below in order to make fighting climate change a priority, and we've also rounded out all of our Clim8 stories of 2021 to provide you with a time capsule of the effects of climate change last year.


2021 Climate Change Time Capsule


2022 New Year's Resolutions — Clim8 Style

1. Eat locally to decrease your carbon footprint and plan your meals ahead of time to limit the amount of waste you produce

2. Invest responsibly, and consider switching to a green bank like Atmos, which only funds solutions to climate change

3. Make your garden a mini carbon sink - find more information here

4. Educate yourself on diverse perspectives to climate and environmental activism and justice — This video is a great resource to get started with on the diverse history of environmentalism

5. Ride your bike or take a walk instead of driving

6. Make sure you're always aware of greenwashing

7. Bring your own food storage containers to the grocery store and buy products in bulk

8. Contact your local political representative(s) about the importance of fighting climate change in your community



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