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Start a Climate Society

Follow these 3 easy steps to form your own Society. Climate Societies are usually made up of 5-15 people who really care about climate change and are looking for a supportive, engaging community that will inspire them to take action. As the founder of your Society, you'll be responsible for scheduling and hosting meetings (in person or online). We'll provide resources for your Society meetings, such as discussion prompts, activity checklists, and sample meeting schedules (Climate Society Toolkit coming soon).

Reach Out To People

Invite friends or colleagues who want to make a difference to join your Society. Be sure to invite them to join the GYCD network. You can also use the Directory to invite GYCD members by sending them a message through their linked social media).

Pro tip: When searching for potential members on the Directory, filter your search by tag (youth climate activists, policy makers, etc.) or location; it's best to have a variety of members for maximum networking capabilities (which would allow your chapter to get things done faster)!

Email your members to set a date, time, and location each month for your meetings. Your meetings can be virtual (via Zoom, for example) or in person!

Make It Official

Once you've set a date/time/location, let us know. We'll post your local chapter along with any other information you've sent us on the TCS homepage so new members can join, so be sure to send us any other details you think are relevant!

We want to hear from you! Let the GYCD community know about the great things your Climate Society is doing to protect our planet by posting about it on the Changemaker Blog.

Spread the Word

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